Mike Runyon here, Welcome to my site! 

I began my Luthiery quest at the end of the last century.  After graduating from Roberto-Venn  in 1999 with a head full of ideas and the confidence to build excellent guitars, I figured it was only a matter of time before Runyon guitars would be everywhere.  I started off doing repair work at Mass Street Music  that year and decided that building could wait...there was a wealth of knowledge in repair.  I set up my home shop in Wellsville, KS in 2003, so have spent the past 15 years repairing, either at home or in Lawrence.  Now, in 2015, I'm  shifting focus back to the home shop to continue repair and set to work on designing my own stuff.

Strange things hiding in attics and cellars?
Smashed 00-18
Repaired 00-18

 Old time craftsmanship and attention to detail.  One of the the things that intrigued me about repair was the opportunity to to re construct pieces that were assembled decades ago by artisans and craftsmen who didn't have half the tooling we have today.  In some cases, those pieces are the holy grail of modern builders.  There is something about the tone of a sixty or seventy year old guitar, especially one that was played, that modern builders and many modern players strive for.

When I take a piece in for repair I take those things into account.  What glue was originally used, what finish, what frets?  Restorations can affect instrument values and I always do my best to keep the customers informed.  Sometimes the repair cost exceeds the value of the instrument, and sometimes sentimental value makes that irrelevant.  Whatever the case, it never hurts to ask.

Inside and out.
Unfortunate accident...
Not the end of the world.